Roll-On Seaweed Wax Cartridges – 10 Pack

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Seaweed Roll-On Wax Cartridge. It is a hypoallergenic seaweed-colored roll-on wax that gives off a masculine scent and airs of deep-sea jasmine your male clients will love. This crystalline formula rolls on super thin and at a low melting point to laminate any hair type into submission. It goes deep-sea diving to get the shortest and thickest hairs from the root for sleek results that last.

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It gives you complete transparency for the accurate placement of wax and non-woven strips. Forget about leaving a sticky residue, once you remove the hair, everything gets taken with it minus delicious-looking skin. This 3.88oz cartridge gives you 30 minutes of perfectly warmed wax. It’s enough to take on a full leg wax or underarm service in half the time as other waxing methods.

110g/ 3.8oz per cartridge.

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