Roll-On Pink Wax Cartridges – 10 Pack

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Pink Roll-On Wax Cartridges offer you all the yummy, dreamy goodness of our famous pink soft wax but in a roll-on wax form. It allows you to roll out a plush texture over sensitive skin types. Its low melting point and gentle ingredients can cover large areas to remove everything from baby fine and thick hairs out from the root, gently. It leaves skin relaxed, serene, and calm.

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Pink Roll-On Wax cuts waxing time in half without holding out on jaw-dropping results. It also reduces cross-contamination because each cartridge is only meant for one client only. Though compact, it’s enough soft wax to serve a full leg wax and a complete underarm service. Its clean-up is almost non-existent. Just remove and recycle the cartridge from the warmer and get ready for your next client.

110g/ 3.8oz per cartridge.

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