Roll-On Blue Wax Cartridges – 10 Pack

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No matter how thick, thin, or short hairs are, your blue roll-on formula is there to catch ‘em all. The roll-on system melts wax to be spread thin, far, and wide to cover large areas without drying, cracking, or breaking. It goes on clear and stays sticky long enough for you to lay each strip quickly.

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Blue roll-on wax works well on women and men with normal skin types. It’s designed to provide superior hair removal with minimal irritation and results that speak for themselves. Our blue crystalline roll-on formula is just the beginning of how cool this product gets. This little baby can take care of an entire leg and underarm wax service with 30-minutes of active, cordless use. You don’t have to worry about accidental double-dipping faux pas or cross-contamination because each cartridge is meant for one client only. 

110g/ 3.8oz per cartridge.

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