Pink Film Wax Pearls (10lb)

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Starpil’s 10lb Pink Film Hard Wax is just what you need for that extra-gentle touch. This creamy pink film wax keeps redness and irritation to a minimum while being tough on hair. It’s a pampering pink wax for hair removal that features a thin, low-temperature application that keeps skin safe while getting it decadently smooth. Starpil pink wax tightly hugs even the finest, tiniest vellus hairs in a pink cloud of yumminess that removes from the root for delayed regrowth.

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▪ Premium Polymer Blend (Soft Easy Removal).
▪ Smooth Creamy Consistency.
▪ Easy to Measure and Fast Melting.
▪ Hugs Even the Finest Hairs.
▪ Ideal for smaller areas including face, Brazilian, under arms.
▪ Formulated with Titanium Dioxide and suitable for all skin types.
▪ Available in 600g, 5lbs & 10lbs bags.

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