Black Film Wax Pearls (10lbs)

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These black hard wax pearls work like a crystalline hybrid formula but smoothes on like a creamy black hard wax. This versatile formula is made with the perfect number of polymers to hug hairs tightly without attaching to the skin itself. These black hard wax beads go on gently with a low-temperature application and offer a cohesive pull.

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▪ Premium Polymer Blend.
▪ Hybrid of Crystalline &Creamy Texture.
▪ Easy to Measure and Fast Melting.
▪ Perfect for Coarse Hairs Including Men’s Facial Hairs.
▪ Contains Charcoal & Purifying Properties.
▪ Quick Dry Time.
▪ Available in 600g, 5lbs & 10lbs bags.

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