Starsoft Post Epil Emulsion (200ml)

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The perfect after-wax care lotion, it reduces itching, redness, pain, and irritation. As an at-home care treatment, it continues to uphold smooth waxing results by disinfecting and delaying hair regrowth with antioxidant properties and ingredients that help restore skin’s hydrolipidic mantle, leaving it feeling continually refreshed, velvety-smooth, and with a luminous glow.


Its powerful moisturizing effect and combination of neurosensory active principles and Tamanu oil protect, alleviate and soothe skin and produce an immediate restructuring effect.

  • Soothes and condition the skin after waxing
  • Infused with Tamanu oil
  • Reduces probability of skin reactions
  • Produces immediate restructuring effect
  • Disinfects and Delays regrowth
  • Free from all parabens, colorants, preservatives, fragrances, pine resins

Bottle size: 200 ml.

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