Roll-On Aloe Vera Wax Cartridges – 20 Pack

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Aloe Vera roll-on wax cartridges can glide over vast waxing areas for an ultra-fast, super clean hair removal. This formula tightly wraps itself around multiple hair types to remove them from the root. Its specialty? Sensitive skin and fine baby hairs.

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This wax type goes on with a low melting point for even more comfort, and though its creamy texture hugs hairs, it only kisses skin to limit redness and inflammation. The cartridge itself is only meant for use on one client so avoiding cross-contamination is a snap. But don’t let its compact size fool you; it contains enough soft wax to handle full arms, leg, back or chest service. Aloe roll-on wax won’t get brittle and maintains its buoyancy as you lay your last of many strips for a creamy speed-waxing experience! 

110g/ 3.8oz per cartridge.

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