Blue Film Wax Pearls (5lb)

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These blue hard film wax pearls are the most pliable, elastic, and spreadable blue hard wax formula for estheticians and waxing professionals. Their low application temperature offers a comfortable application with rapid cooling that helps keep skin safe. With the perfect number of polymers, Starpil blue hard wax is easy on the skin but tough on coarse hair because it opens pores and cinches hair at the follicle’s base for complete removal.

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▪ Premium Polymer Blend ( Soft Easy Removal).
▪ Crystalline Consistency.
▪ Easy to Measure and Fast Melting.
▪ Perfect for Medium to Coarse Hairs.
▪ Allows to apply a fine layer with shorter drying time but flexible during removal.
▪ Available in 600g, 5lbs & 10lbs bags

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