Coral Film Hard Tablets (2.2)Lbs

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Starpil Coral Coral Film Hard Tablets. Coral wax is a crystalline formula that closely mimics sugaring but with the power of Mediterranean coral. This gentle formula makes it suitable for all skin type including of hypersensitive skin. The coral powder in this wax helps unify and improve the skin tone, while boosting the skin’s luminosity. To paint a picture, its texture is a hybrid between a sugar wax and a hard wax. ”
Swinging Technique:
This specially developed European technique fully envelopes the hair, facilitating removal with a single pass! This avoids irritation around tight contours of the body, such as the bikini area, where one would usually need more than one pass to fully wax.

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▪ Crystalline Consistency.
▪ Easy to Measure and Fast Melting.
▪ Gentle, Effective Hair Removal.
▪ Suitable for all-over use, especially on challenging areas like the underarms and brazillian.
▪ Formulated with Mediterranean Coral Powder, helps unify and improve the skin tone
▪ Most effective when using the swinging technique.
▪ Available in 2.2lbs Microbeads & Hard Tablets.

Weight 2.2 kg
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